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GoGo Pillows
Main address: 61 Accord Park Drive 02061 Norwell MA
877-378-4292, , gogopillow@webcsr.info
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  • Jul 16
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Powell, Ohio
  • Neck Pillow

I love the gogo pillow except for a few things. I have a hard time getting my ipad on gogo pillow with the ipad case on. Also the neck pillow does not fit that well around your neck. I did get it for $10 at kohls but they did not have a good variety of colors. I would still Reccomend the gogo pillow. But I think $20 is a rip off especially if you have to pay shipping on top of that. I have heard... Read more

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  • Jan 15
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 15

i have mini ipad few days ago which I brought it from Home Hardware store in Toronto Scarbrough and at first I love it when I saw on tv promot and when I got it the pink gogo pillow I realize it didn't even fit at all and keep fall out ... shocking because the box said its fits most tablets including ipad mini ipad others.. .. when I see it it looks like it only can fit it bigger ipad Not Mini... Read more

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  • Jan 10
  • Products
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 1
  • 33

First of all this is an awesome product idea. Its multifunctional and kids are drawn to them because of the colors the company chose to mass product. Well, a good idea doesnt necessarily mean it is quality. I bought one and the tiny foam beads starting coming out of the pillow. I figured it was just a bad one so i returned for another. Within a day my 10 yr. Old daughter yelled for me. I found... Read more

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  • Jan 01
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Avenel, New Jersey
  • Go Go Tablet
  • 28

The threads were. Not set right put my iPad in and it starts to fall apart on the seams not stitched tight enough very disappointed threw receipt out and box suffering from multiple sclorsis can't hold iPad . Go go tablet wad the way to go it's all stretched out iPad won't stay in place.and I suffer from this disease today I thought the go go tablet would be a great big hit for me I can't hold... Read more

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  • Dec 31, 2013
  • Customer Service
  • New York City, New York
  • Overcharge
  • 39

their ordering process was horrific, i ordered 2 pillows and received 4, i called customer service and they told me i had to pay to ship 2 of them back to them for refund. i explained to them the mistake was not mine and they were to send me shipping label, they told me customer service would call 24 to 48 hours of course no one called. when i did reach them they told me they dont send out... Read more

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  • Dec 23, 2013
  • Shopping
  • Statesboro, Georgia
  • Overcharge
  • 2
  • 53

My daughter wanted me to have this pillow badly because i'm bedridden and she thought it help me. We have a 0 budget but i thought 19.95 was ok for something that would help me. There are so many questions and places to click that before you realize it you are charged 19.95 for the pillow...1.99 insurance i didnt want on the pillow....and 19.90 shipping. Yes, the free pillow is included but... Read more

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  • Dec 20, 2013
  • Products
  • Go Go Pillow
  • 54

Tried ordering the buy one get one free online for the holidays. After hitting submit order absolutely nothing happened. So I tried again and nothing happened. Found a number for customer service and indeed two orders had been place for $80, yes that is right $80, each. They were charging shipping on each item, although all were going to the same address - which made the price $20 per pillow... Read more

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  • Dec 04, 2013
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Pillows
  • 1
  • 52

Placed order on their website. I went back to try and change it, tried all their methods of finding my order, but no order was found. I went through the process again, still no email confirming my order. After placing the order a second time, I was still unable to track my order. But low and behold I then had 2 emails confirming 2 orders. You cannot reach a live person at their customer service... Read more

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  • Nov 06, 2013
  • Shopping
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Online Ordering
  • 71

I thought this was a pretty cool product so I went on their website. They wouldn't tell me how much Shipping & Handling was so I had no choice but to put an item in my cart and get to the payment screen to see how much the total was. When I found out shipping was even more than the pillow itself, I immediately closed my Internet browser, thinking nothing of it. Three days later, I receive an... Read more

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